Christian Passover Haggadah


   Are you a church or small group that wants to have a beautiful Seder meal, but don't know where to begin? We have a beautiful Haggadah, or story, that you can follow, that will help to encourage worship and reverence to Jesus Christ, our redeemer on this most Holy of Nights.  

   Why write a new Haggadah, instead of just using the traditional ones you can find online?  

  As Christians, we cherish our Jewish friends and are grateful that we are grafted into God's precious family, but we see Christ in Scripture and in the candle lighting, the wine, the washing, the prayers etc.  We want to honor and recognize him!  We desire that His name is to be glorified above all else.  This Seder guide, does just that!  Also, most traditional Seders are very long and by the time people get to eat, kids are crying and Dad's are crabby.  The pace of this Seder is quick, with lots of interaction and lots of eating and drinking right away.  It's become well loved by those who have experienced it.




“I learned so much!  I will definitely celebrate the Seder meal every year, from here on out!”

​~ Julie Becks

The Passover Seder is to be celebrated on Monday night, April 14th.



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